Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tabernacle Sketch


On a earlier post I uploaded two other Tabernacle sketches I did. I am a architect working on this project and this building has a lot of emotion for those living in Utah and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is a building that was originally built in 1867 and was the first large building the pioneers built when they arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. We are involved in a seismic upgrade of the structure with some major remodel work of the basement. The main hall is the space everyone knows and has seen on TV but I've been interested in sketching the spaces in the basement as they are easier to sketch and show some abstract historical qualities that are enchanting. Also, these spaces will be completely remodeled and much of the building fabric from the early 1900's will be removed to allow for new structure and spaces for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir offices. Although these spaces aren't original to the building they do have their place in a historical context.

This sketch tries to capture the ongoing process- namely the insertion of new steel beams and how they are juxtaposed by the masonry and timber structures the steel will be replacing soon.

It has a few problems with it because I tired to rush the drawing. The colors were put down too quick for me to really have thought through the color scheme. I was rushed because of the working activity around me and the dust and diesel fumes were really aggravating; It was also getting close to leaving for an appointment. It goes to prove that even if you don't have the time you should get the essentials and finish it later so there isn't a possibility of hurting the sketch. My values were off but later I reworked it and hopefully it worked out better. The ink linework was a little heavy in the background and focuses too much on this area more than I wanted. But in the long run I'm glad of mistakes I make because I can improve on future sketches. I happened to show my sketchbook to a friend and he singled this one out as one he really liked- go figure; sometimes the rushed sketches turn out better than ones you nurture and work over a long time.

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