Thursday, June 09, 2005

Trip to San Francisco Part II

These next two sketches I did on top of the mechanical penthouse on top of the roof of the Buckelew House. Here in my Eagle's nest I sketched out the Coit Tower early one morning and then that evening I did a sketch of the Transamerica Building.


One of the day's we were there we visited the San Francisco Zoo- at lunch I had a little time to myself while the kids were digesting their lunch by running around trying to catch pigeons. I sat down at a bench and captured these flamingos sunbathing themselves.

050607-sk18 flamingos

At the end of the day Jenny, Joshua and Ariana went to get some souvenirs in the gift shop while I stayed outside and watched Miriama as she was sleeping in her stroller. I was inspired by the beautiful acacia trees that were all over the park. The new African Safari exhibit was absolutely beautiful- watching the giraffes eat the leafs of the acacia tree is a memory I won't forget. I tried to capture the beauty of this giant umbrella.


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A said...

so this might be a bit random, but I am looking to get an acacia tree tattoo to remind me of the summers that I spent in Africa. When I was searching the internet for inspiration I ran across your sketches. I love your acacia tree and would love to talk to you about sketching one for me...would that be something you would be interested in? you can email me at if you are interested. thanks!