Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Pantanal

I have been having problems with internet access lately. I actually have been sketching and have quite a few to share. But until I can get online at home I offer the following:


I have previously shared sketches that I've taken from the National Geographic. I have been told it is illegal to copy images from other people other than my own without giving credit; or maybe it was getting their permission.... oh well, I will just play it easy unless told otherwise- everyone is so sensitive anymore. The above image was taken from the June issue of National Geographic-

I love National Geographic as it has the most interesting articles and images I've ever seen. This was an interesting article about the threatened area in Brazil known as the Pantanal. How large is the "giant" sea otter anyway? I liked how the burnt sienna and ultramarine blue started to separate to reveal more individual qualities when it was on the page starting to dry- BS and UB are my favorite watercolor combination- it gives the most interesting color range - and the best mixed neutral gray I've yet mixed.