Tuesday, September 20, 2005

La Belle Dormant

Here is a sketch of my beautiful dear wife Jenny. Jenny is originally from Tahiti but is now a naturalized citizen of the US. We have an interesting story of how we met (maybe for another time). She is a very patriotic american and dearly loves this country. She shames me with her enthusiasm and patriotism.

I sketched this awhile back on a Sunday Afternoon while she slept. I love the way she sleeps as she is always in the most interesting positions. Another tahitian friend told me recently after seeing this sketch said that some artists she met in tahiti said that polynesians sleep in the most unconventional positions. We all postulated that it is because of their love of life and lack of insecurities that allow them to be totally relaxed without care. They are a care-free people with a love of life and of all people which love and trust have allowed them to be taken advantage of.


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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Vignettes of Africa


Here I am taking a dream trip in the National Geographic again- This time it is September's issue on Africa.

So many troubling things about Africa- All of the riches and resources are being constantly plundered by the corrupt and ruthless. Even corporate giants like BP and Shell are making truckloads of money with all of the land-use proceeds going to only a few corrupt government officials like Niger. It really appears that greed and corruption are what is keeping this continent from emerging from its third world status. But beyond the nagging problems it always has such a exotic appeal and beauty.

I really like the vignettes of different aerial shots of regions in Africa. They come off as a collage of color. This was a fairly quick sketch and watercolor of about 40 minutes.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm trying to catch up! I've not posted for almost a month.....


Here is the last sketch I'll share for today. It was done at the same time as "Deep Thoughts". As the evening was dying down I spotted someone's electronic toys on the counter and thought I'd do a high tech still life- what a contrast to a bowl of fruit......

Deep Thoughts


It is interesting how to capture the emotions you observe. I thought of the intensity Betty was exhibting when she and Jenny were discussing family matters. I think the emotion was captured- her likeness... well she wouldn't recognize it.

Les Mantes Religieuses


I love these beautiful creatures. Some insects have a revolting effect and some you can stare at for the longest time. These beauties keep our garden absolutely clean of pesky insects.

La Petite Rose


I haven't posted in awhile but I have been drawing. I offer some of the beautiful things I've seen this summer.