Tuesday, September 20, 2005

La Belle Dormant

Here is a sketch of my beautiful dear wife Jenny. Jenny is originally from Tahiti but is now a naturalized citizen of the US. We have an interesting story of how we met (maybe for another time). She is a very patriotic american and dearly loves this country. She shames me with her enthusiasm and patriotism.

I sketched this awhile back on a Sunday Afternoon while she slept. I love the way she sleeps as she is always in the most interesting positions. Another tahitian friend told me recently after seeing this sketch said that some artists she met in tahiti said that polynesians sleep in the most unconventional positions. We all postulated that it is because of their love of life and lack of insecurities that allow them to be totally relaxed without care. They are a care-free people with a love of life and of all people which love and trust have allowed them to be taken advantage of.


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Cin said...

wonderful, love your fine line, and composition!

Linda said...

This is a beautiful sketch -- you truly conveyed the relaxation of the sleeper! Wonderful job with the color, too.