Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yellow and Blue don't always make Green

Here is some color testing I did of Green. I am not yet finished as I want to see how Cad Yellow and Pthalo Green mix when glazed over. I have more success in mixing green (or shall I say I like the mixes better) when mixing P.G. with Quinacridone Gold. The various mixes with Q.G. are quite lovely.

Cad Yellow and the various blues I used failed to really impress me with the outcome except maybe for Cerulean Blue and Cad Yellow.



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Linda said...

GREAT pages here -- I really like the way you've studied the colors and made such good notes! I think I'm going to do this in my WC workbook. Thanks for te inspiration!
BTW -- I also love your portrait work -- your self portrait is great!

Anonymous said...

this is so helpful, I had the same problems today when I wanted to make an apple green. I still have no clue. But great experiments!! Props lol.