Sunday, February 05, 2006

My new Figure Study Journal



Here are the first three pages of my new figure study journal. One of the three new journals I made as a goal for 2006. This journal is the hardest to pick up as I am so intimidated by sketching people. Especially if the sketches don't either look like the people you sketch or they make them look wacked, fat or just flat disgusting. Jenny, my dear wife, was upset at me at the sketch I did of her. The profile of her face (full stretched out) is off and makes her look as if her face was smashed; and to top it off the detail of her face made her look fat- and that almost got me a night on the couch ;-). Oh well, I'm no Monet and my family are the unfortunate victims of my education. [hopefully you can read through my hyperbole- my wife and family are very supportive- Jenny is just waiting for me to be able to draw her as beautiful as we really see her].

Self portraits are fun- and you can do almost any bizarre pose.

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Kathleen Marie said...

These studies are great and you are so devoted to improving your figure work by starting a dedicated journal to this task. I find it inspiring, and I should do the same. Best wishes! I can't wait to see more.