Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sketching from Memory


Sketching from memory is a real drag. It usually means that my subject either moved or else I ran out of time before I needed to move on. As it sometimes goes that when people notice you drawing them they either get uncomfortable themselves and fidget and move around and I lose their pose- like this sketch; or they start exchanging glances at you wondering what the heck you are doing--- either stalking them if you have a conspicuous sized sketchbook and they don't see you sketching or if they realize they're being sketched they will not know what to do and become uncomfortable.

Instead of stopping and moving on to another subject I tried to finish the sketch and created this unfortunate drawing. I know there are some artists who are so good at sketching the human figure that they only need a few critical features before they have the whole likeness. Artists who can multi-task like this when sketching is a skill I desire to attain. Gesture drawings look at making a 30 sec - 1 minute drawing as effective as possible.

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