Sunday, July 03, 2005

Beautiful Roadkill


It is interesting that seeing a animal dead on the road usually brings eewww, gross or even awww like "that is so sad" but the other day I came upon three young Owlings each dead within a 100 feet of each other. I couldn't help think of what a tragedy it was. I was really torn over it. I even stopped at each dead carcass and looked over it eyeing the beauty of its empty shell. I couldn't of imagined what it was that struck down these beautiful raptors. It looked too coincidental like some foul play was involved. It isn't a well traveled road but was coincidentally a few miles away from a pheasant hunting refuge. I have no qualms about hunting for food, but this seemed malicious and unnecessary. Owls are quite rare to see in Utah- so three dead in one area seemed huge. I tried to look up the species online but I only got as close to identifying it as the Spotted Owl- but they only live in Southern Utah in this area.

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