Friday, July 29, 2005

Sketching with the Pen

I quickly sketched this one evening as I came home from work to pick up Jenny and the kids. These kids of ours are enjoying the benefit of happy genes in that their wonderfully olive skin are going deep tan; even our little blondie. Anyway I didn't get much time to sketch this but I got the main ideas down.

I did these sketches two weeks ago but I haven't had the opportunity to upload these- (so my excuse goes...) I sat down and sketched a portrait of Patricia Routlege- the famous British actress who gave us such wonderful characters as "Hyacinth Bucket" and "Hetty Wainthrop". Jenny and I love her shows. Anyway here is our homage to her.

The other sketch is of a man in our local ward. I sketched it during the priesthood meeting as he taught our lesson Sunday. I guess I was more interested in his caricature than his message (not really true... but so goes the excuse to sketch).

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