Sunday, March 12, 2006

Not Traspassing!

No kidding- this is the sign that for many years hung on our neighbors fence next to our office. It was one of those things that brought a quick smile each time you saw it no matter how many times you saw it.

Recently the owner passed away and his kids have been cleaning up the dump. Somehow it will be extremely sad if all of this great sketching material was carted away. It gives a certain ambience that enhances the "artistic" presence of an architectural office in the industrial west side of Salt Lake.

I sketched this beauty on my lunch hour Friday.



Linda said...

There is something beautiful this pile of antique junk. Great job capturing it, and the sign made me laugh! I also liked your little poem on the right ...

Felicity said...

Lovely drawing. It's good you captured it before it gets taken away. The sign made me laugh - it obviously worked as no-one stole his old junk!

nick said...

hey this is really cool. I'm not a big art lover but I am doing an assignment over sketch journals for my class and found your blog. pretty neat look at life