Sunday, January 15, 2006

Nostalgia & Technology


Last Weekend I took my three kids (11, 5 and 2) to the BYU Museum of Art to find some sketching material. I planned ahead and brought their sketch books, crayons, coloring books etc. to get them in the mood as well. The MOA had a exhibit called "Nostalgia and Technology" which was a historical look at industrial design or daily ephemera that our parents and grandparents would use day to day. These items were truly works of art. Well, the plan worked at first and I was able to get two sketches done - about 45 minutes until they started to loose it. I put away the sketchbooks and decided to wander through the other exhibits.

I have found that 1 1/2 hours is max for a museum visit for this curious "touchy feely" group. As soon as they got climbing on sculpture (yikes!!!!) and touching a Andy Warhol "Marilyn" and the visiting Maynard Dixson pieces I knew it was time to take a quick exit before security kicked us out with a resounding "do not come back".

Next time I might try the Bean Museum of natural history-- stuffed taxidermy would make great sketch subjects without raining security on top of us. Oh well, they all told their red-faced dad that "it was really fun" and when could we go back again? I had to think on this one a little more carefully.

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DW said...

Very nice sketches average Joe! I'm an even more average Joe and I'm getting inspired to get started in earnest sketching. When I've taken the opportunities to sketch, it has been truly therapeutic. I think it's a habit one has to form at first. Then it becomes a part of one's life. Sort of like exercise.

One question...did you have a lot of sketches before you started your blog or did you start your blog with your first sketch?

Puhiava said...

No I actually had quite a few sketches - almost 2 years worth but I didn't want to go back and document everything.

This Blog was created to document the sketches I currently am producing. In fact, I don't post all of the sketches I make either; of course I leave the crappy sketches off (sometimes I should even share those) but since I don't post consistently I don't consistently share everything either.

DW said...

You should put some of the "crappy" ones up too. We are all too critical of our own work :-)
I'll keep checking...keep up the sketching.

Kiri said...

nice sketches

priya said...

that's a great drawing of a typewriter. and i always admire people who carry their sketchbook around and find time to draw. will be looking in for more.

Marie-Dom said...

Lovely sketch of the typewriter.That machine certainly raises cloud of nostalgia, bt I'm not sure I'd be without my poota!!
I really have enjoyed looking through your work and your colour notes.