Monday, November 28, 2005

Brutal Life


Here I am sketching from the National Geographic again. I can't help but become absorbed in some of these images. I was really intrigued by this particular image, it is of an elephant in an Elephant Hospital (who would of thought) recovering from stepping on a landmine. His one leg became in an instant a clump of flesh.

The colors in this sketch came off really well. The combination of grays, red and yellow make a good complement. Go figure that I'm working with Ultramarine blue and Burnt Sienna again (my favorite color mixing duo) and some cad yellow and burnt sienna as highlights. Sometimes less is more- working with a palette of a few colors makes all of the difference.

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Karen Winters said...

Oh the poor thing. I like the way you got skin texture with the different pigments.

Kim said...

I really like it. It did turn out well. The colors and the all around feel of it are very nice. Poor elephant!